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meteorological forecastclick to hear

Scientific method that makes it possible to forecast atmospheric conditions in a particular region for a given period.
meteorological forecast data processing sounding balloon weather radar land station weather map ocean weather station buoy weather station aircraft weather station weather satellite

data processing click to hear

Data from weather stations and satellites is centralized and processed with a view to forecasting weather and producing maps.

sounding balloon click to hear

Pressurized balloon equipped with measurement instruments used to collect atmospheric data (up to an altitude of 20 mi), which it then transmits to the ground by radio signal.

weather radar click to hear

Instrument that detects the presence and movement of clouds and precipitation.

land station click to hear

Collective term for the facilities and instruments required to perform meteorological observations at ground level.

weather map click to hear

Map representing atmospheric conditions observed in a region at a given time.

ocean weather station click to hear

Ship equipped with meteorological observation instruments that report on atmospheric conditions on the oceans.

buoy weather station click to hear

Buoy equipped with an automatic weather station that transmits data about atmospheric conditions on the water.

aircraft weather station click to hear

Aircraft equipped with meteorological observation instruments; it reports on the state of the atmosphere at various altitudes.

weather satellite click to hear

Observation spacecraft that studies the atmosphere and transmits data to Earth, making it possible to forecast the weather on the ground.