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weather mapclick to hear

Map representing atmospheric conditions observed in a region at a given time.
weather map high-pressure center type of the air mass trough precipitation area low-pressure center wind direction and speed barometric pressure isobar

high-pressure center click to hear

Zone characterized by relatively high pressure that decreases as a function of the distance from its center.

type of the air mass click to hear

Air mass: a vast moving body of air; it takes on the climatic characteristics of the region lying below it.

trough click to hear

Elongated zone in which atmospheric pressure is relatively low.

precipitation area click to hear

Zone in which atmospheric water content condenses and falls from the clouds in liquid or solid form.

low-pressure center click to hear

Zone characterized by relatively low pressure that increases as a function of distance from its center.

wind direction and speed click to hear

barometric pressure click to hear

Measurement of the force that air exerts at a given point on the Earth’s surface; it is expressed in millibars.

isobar click to hear

Curve connecting the points on the Earth’s surface that have the same atmospheric pressure.