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flat-plate solar collector [2]click to hear

Device that collects solar radiation and heats a coolant, which in turn will be used in residential settings to heat water or the home.
flat-plate solar collector [2] frame coolant inlet coolant outlet glass solar radiation absorbing plate insulation flow tube

frame click to hear

Collector’s insulating case that is enclosed in glass.

coolant inlet click to hear

Cold coolant flows into the circulation tubes to absorb the solar energy trapped by the collector.

coolant outlet click to hear

The coolant exits the collector at high temperature (up to about 175°F) and is stored or used immediately.

glass click to hear

Translucent covering (glass, fiberglass, polycarbonate) that allows solar radiation to pass through; the heat produced is trapped in the collector.

solar radiation click to hear

All the electromagnetic waves emitted by the Sun.

absorbing plate click to hear

Black metallic sheet that harnesses heat from solar radiation and transfers it to the coolant fluid.

insulation click to hear

Material placed on the back side of the collector to reduce heat loss.

flow tube click to hear

Tube containing a coolant (water, air) that is used to recover and carry heat to the absorbing plate.