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bony fishes [5]click to hear

Fish with smooth flat scales and a rigid skeleton; the various species make up the largest group of fish.
bony fishes [5] redfish black pollock whiting haddock Atlantic cod

redfish click to hear

Excellent raw, cooked or smoked; if cooked in broth or grilled, it is best to leave the skin on to prevent its flaky flesh from falling apart.

black pollock click to hear

Especially popular in England, it is also used in Canada to make surimi, a paste from which imitation seafood is made.

whiting click to hear

Its delicate flaky flesh is similar to cod’s and is easy to digest; it is often wrapped in tinfoil or cooked in a flavored broth.

haddock click to hear

Related to cod but with flesh that is sweeter and more delicate; it is often smoked.

Atlantic cod click to hear

It is often dried or salted and its liver yields an oil that is rich in vitamin D; it is fished extensively off the Canadian and American coasts.