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bread [2]click to hear

Food made from flour, water and salt, often containing an agent (leaven or yeast) that makes it rise.
bread [2] French bread baguette ear loaf black rye bread Greek bread bagel croissant

French bread click to hear

Long crusty loaf resembling an oversized baguette; it stays fresh somewhat longer than the typical baguette.

baguette click to hear

This light crusty, typically French bread is often served with a meal and also goes well with cheese and pâté; it must be eaten fresh.

ear loaf click to hear

Baguette made so it can be easily broken into pieces by hand.

black rye bread click to hear

Made from rye flour, this dense strong-tasting bread goes particularly well with seafood and smoked foods.

Greek bread click to hear

Round loaf with a golden crust, sometimes sprinkled with sesame seeds; olive bread is one of its many variants.

bagel click to hear

Jewish ring-shaped roll traditionally coated in sesame seeds; it is usually served warm, with cream cheese.

croissant click to hear

A small roll of layered or puffed dough, frequently eaten as a plain or stuffed pastry; it is also used to make hors d’oeuvres and sandwiches.