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bread [3]click to hear

Food made from flour, water and salt, often containing an agent (leaven or yeast) that makes it rise.
bread [3] Russian pumpernickel Scandinavian cracked bread English loaf Irish bread German rye bread

Russian pumpernickel click to hear

Made with a mixture of wheat and rye flour, it has a thin but resilient crust; it goes well with soups and ragouts.

Scandinavian cracked bread click to hear

Thin crusty flat bread usually made with wheat or rye flour; it is generally served with soup, salad or cheese.

English loaf click to hear

Thin-crusted, round or rectangular bread of British origin; it is primarily used to make toast, canapés, croque-monsieurs and sandwiches.

Irish bread click to hear

The crust of this bread is marked with a cross; it is made with baking powder, which gives it a cakelike consistency.

German rye bread click to hear

Dark dense bread with a strong, slightly acidic taste, made with rye and wheat flour; it has a long shelf life.