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cereal [2]click to hear

Plants that are often cultivated on a large scale; their grains have been a major food staple for humans and certain domestic animals for centuries.
cereal [2] triticale amaranth quinoa corn barley buckwheat millet

triticale click to hear

A wheat and rye hybrid, it is mostly used to make crepes and pasta.

amaranth click to hear

These highly nutritious, slightly peppery grains can be eaten as is after cooking, sprouted or ground into flour.

quinoa click to hear

Grains should be thoroughly rinsed before cooking; it is used in South America to make an alcoholic drink called chicha.

corn click to hear

Native to America, it is eaten as a vegetable, made into popcorn or ground into flour; it also yields a starch, a syrup and a cooking oil.

barley click to hear

Barley can be either hulled or pearled to remove its outer husk; it is often added to soups and ragouts and is also made into malt for brewing beer.

buckwheat click to hear

Eaten in soups and as porridge, it is also ground into a flour traditionally used to make crepes and pancakes.

millet click to hear

With its strong flavor, it is mostly used for making pancakes and porridge; when sprouted and ground, millet is an ingredient in breads and muffins.