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sugarclick to hear

Sweet-tasting foodstuff derived from certain plants; the most common varieties of sugar come from sugarcane and sugar beets.
sugar brown sugar rock candy maple syrup honey corn syrup molasses granulated sugar powdered sugar

brown sugar click to hear

Fine, only slightly refined sugar crystals that still contain molasses; it has a stronger taste than white sugar.

rock candy click to hear

White or brown sugar in very large crystal form; it is used especially to sweeten fruits in brandy.

maple syrup click to hear

Produced by reducing sugar maple sap; it is used to make various desserts and to accompany pancakes, poach eggs and glaze ham.

honey click to hear

Substance made by bees from flower nectar; its color and flavor vary depending on the nectar’s origin.

corn syrup click to hear

Thick sweet syrup used extensively in making candy and pastry.

molasses click to hear

Thick liquid residue from the process of converting sugarcane into sugar; it is used to make rum, candy, soft cookies and pies.

granulated sugar click to hear

The most commonly used sugar in cooking and baking; it is white, fully refined and composed of small crystals.

powdered sugar click to hear

White sugar in powdered form, containing about 3% corn or wheat starch, added to prevent caking; it is used mainly for icing and decorating.