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blue-veined cheesesclick to hear

Also called "blue cheese", it usually has a crumbly texture, is veined with mold and has a pungent peppery taste.
blue-veined cheeses Gorgonzola Danish Blue Stilton Roquefort

Gorgonzola click to hear

Native to Italy and recognizable by its textured gray rind, spotted with red.

Danish Blue click to hear

Native to Denmark, it has a pungent flavor, a creamy texture and a milk fat content of up to 60%.

Stilton click to hear

English cheese with a firm but creamy texture; it is often served with crackers and port.

Roquefort click to hear

The best-known blue cheese, originally from Roquefort, France; it is made from ewe’s milk and goes well with pears, cream and butter.