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soft cheesesclick to hear

Ripened but neither pressed nor cooked, these cheeses have a soft, creamy texture and a somewhat velvety rind, which is often edible.
soft cheeses Munster Pont-l’Évêque Coulommiers Camembert Brie

Munster click to hear

Cheese with a powerful penetrating odor, originally from the Alsace region; it has a creamy texture and a smooth moist rind.

Pont-l’Évêque click to hear

Somewhat soft cheese with a pronounced odor; its name derives from the town in Normandy where it is made.

Coulommiers click to hear

Native to the area around Paris, it is similar to Brie but smaller; it contains from 45% to 50% milk fat.

Camembert click to hear

Soft and easy to spread, France’s most famous cheese is smaller and slightly firmer than Brie.

Brie click to hear

Native to Brie, near Paris, it is one of the best-known French cheeses; among its many varieties is the one from Meaux.