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dry fruits [2]click to hear

Often called nuts, these fruits usually have a hard dry covering called the shell that encloses an edible kernel.
dry fruits [2] beechnut chestnut hazelnut Brazil nut almond walnut coconut

beechnut click to hear

Fruit of the common beech tree, its flavor resembles the hazelnut’s; more flavorful toasted than raw, it also yields a cooking oil.

chestnut click to hear

Designates the fruit of the chestnut tree; Europeans often serve it with game and poultry. When puréed, it is the main ingredient in the dessert known as Mont Blanc.

hazelnut click to hear

Primarily used to make paste, butter or a kind of flour used in cakes and cookies; in candy making, it is often combined with chocolate.

Brazil nut click to hear

Often served as an appetizer; it is also made into candy, such as when chocolate-coated. It replaces coconut in some recipes.

almond click to hear

Primarily used to garnish chicken and fish, and to make almond paste, candies (nougat and pralines) and an essence that flavors Amaretto and a variety of foodstuffs.

walnut click to hear

A green covering, the husk, covers the shell; the walnut is served as an appetizer, or added to a variety of desserts, salads, sauces and main dishes.

coconut click to hear

The whitish meat, known as copra, surrounds a cavity containing a refreshing liquid, not to be confused with coconut milk, which is derived from the grated flesh.