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pome fruitsclick to hear

Fruits where the flesh covers an inedible central part, the core, comprising a certain number of seeds called pips.
pome fruits Japanese plum quince pear apple

Japanese plum click to hear

Has thin skin, sometimes covered in fine hairs, that envelops juicy, somewhat sour flesh; whether raw or cooked, it tastes somewhat like cherries or plums.

quince click to hear

Fruit of the quince tree, native to warm climates; inedible raw, it is traditionally made into jams and jellies.

pear click to hear

Among its many and varied uses, it forms the basis for a fruit brandy; it is picked before fully ripe to prevent the flesh from acquiring a granular texture.

apple click to hear

There are 7,500 known varieties; it is used to make cider and is also eaten raw or made into juice, jelly, compote or desserts, such as pie or strudel.