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tropical fruits [4]click to hear

A variety of fruits, usually of exotic origin, more or less available in the West.
tropical fruits [4] durian carambola Asian pear feijoa mango pepino prickly pear papaya

durian click to hear

Large fruit that emits a disagreeable odor when ripe; its sweet creamy flesh is often eaten plain while the seeds are used like nuts.

carambola click to hear

Within the delicate edible skin is a juicy, slightly acidic flesh that can be eaten raw or cooked, as a fruit or vegetable.

Asian pear click to hear

Most popular Asian fruit, primarily eaten plain; its flesh is sweet and juicy, like the pear’s, and crunchy, like the apple’s.

feijoa click to hear

Has sweet fragrant, slightly granular flesh; after peeling, it is eaten raw or cooked, plain or in various desserts.

mango click to hear

Fruit with a flattened stone and a skin that should be discarded, as it irritates the mouth; it is mostly eaten ripe, but sometimes used green, as a vegetable.

pepino click to hear

The orange or yellow flesh is slightly starchy. Before fully ripe, it is often cooked and prepared like a squash; once ripe, it is eaten like a melon.

prickly pear click to hear

Fruit of a member of the cactus family; the spines and skin should be removed before eating the flesh, plain or sprinkled with lemon or lime juice.

papaya click to hear

Its usually orange, juicy flesh is eaten like the melon and contains spicy, edible seeds; when green, it is eaten like winter squash.