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beans [2]click to hear

Fruits of plants native to Central and South America, the seeds are oval or kidney-shaped; before they are fully ripe, the pods are often edible.
beans [2] flageolet adzuki bean black bean red kidney bean soybeans soybean sprouts

flageolet click to hear

Thin flat and less starchy than most other legumes, this bean is a favorite in France, where it is traditionally served with leg of lamb.

adzuki bean click to hear

Has a delicate flavor and is often served with rice; in Asian countries, the paste made from these beans can replace tomato paste.

black bean click to hear

Available mainly in Central and North America, it is a staple of Mexican cooking.

red kidney bean click to hear

One of the best-known beans, it is used to make the Mexican dish called chili con carne; it retains its shape when cooked so is often canned.

soybeans click to hear

Produces a kind of milk used mainly to make tofu and also a vegetable oil; when fermented, it is the main ingredient in soy sauce.

soybean sprouts click to hear

After sprouting for a few days they are ready to be eaten, either raw or lightly cooked; they are characteristic of Chinese cooking.