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cuts of beefclick to hear

Bovine carcasses are divided into quarters, then into pieces of meat that are ready to prepare.
cuts of beef steak ground beef back ribs beef cubes tenderloin roast shank rib roast

steak click to hear

Strip of meat that can be grilled or sautéed; in general, the most tender steaks, loin, sirloin and rib, come from the central section of the carcass.

ground beef click to hear

Made from various parts of the steer; when lean and taken from the tenderloin, it is the basis for steak tartare.

back ribs click to hear

They comprise sections of rib taken from the back and the attached muscles; they are delicious with a sweet-and-sour sauce.

beef cubes click to hear

Their tenderness varies, depending on the section from which they were cut; they are mainly used to make brochettes or ragouts, such as boeuf bourguignon.

tenderloin roast click to hear

Taken from the back, along the spine, it is prized for its tenderness and is excellent when grilled; tournedos and châteaubriand come from it.

shank click to hear

Comes from a section of the front or hind leg of a steer; somewhat tough, it is primarily used in stews.

rib roast click to hear

Piece of meat intended for roasting, taken from the animal’s rib section; this tender and tasty cut is one of the most popular kinds of roast beef.