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mollusks [2]click to hear

Usually marine-dwelling, soft-bodied invertebrates; some have shells and are sold live.
mollusks [2] abalone soft-shell clam hard-shell clam great scallop scallop

abalone click to hear

The muscle, also called the "foot", is delicious raw or cooked; it must be pounded before cooking.

soft-shell clam click to hear

Primarily harvested in the Atlantic, this large soft mollusk of the clam family can replace the latter in recipes.

hard-shell clam click to hear

Mollusk with a very hard shell whose flesh can be eaten raw or cooked; they are used to make chowder, a popular New England recipe.

great scallop click to hear

Related to the scallop, the delicately flavored flesh is prized by Europeans; the shells are resistant to heat and are often used as cooking and serving dishes.

scallop click to hear

The main edible part is the nut (the muscle that opens and shuts the shells) and sometimes the coral (the orange part); excellent raw or cooked, it can be prepared in numerous ways.