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leaf vegetables [6]click to hear

Leaves of edible plants consumed as vegetables.
leaf vegetables [6] curled endive spinach garden sorrel Belgian endive garden cress

curled endive click to hear

The very frilly, somewhat bitter leaves are primarily eaten raw, in salads.

spinach click to hear

The vegetable used to make dishes à la Florentine. It is also eaten raw, in salads, and cooked, as a side dish or a stuffing ingredient.

garden sorrel click to hear

Its slightly lemon-flavored leaves are traditionally served with fish and veal; it is also used in a puréed soup that is a classic in a number of European countries.

Belgian endive click to hear

Its crunchy, slightly bitter leaves are much in demand for salads (used raw) or for such classic recipes as endive and ham au gratin.

garden cress click to hear

Picked while very young and sold in bunches; its tiny leaves add a hint of spice especially to salads, sandwiches and sauces.