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inflorescent vegetablesclick to hear

The flowers or flower buds of edible plants eaten as vegetables.
inflorescent vegetables Gai-lohn broccoli rabe artichoke cauliflower broccoli

Gai-lohn click to hear

Also called Chinese broccoli, its delicately flavored leaves and stems can be eaten raw or cooked, prepared in the same manner as broccoli.

broccoli rabe click to hear

Its slightly bitter stems, leaves and flowers can all be eaten, prepared like broccoli.

artichoke click to hear

Especially valued for its soft fleshy heart, it is often served with a dipping sauce; the leaves surrounding the heart can also be eaten.

cauliflower click to hear

The head, composed of immature buds, is either white or purple; it is eaten raw or cooked.

broccoli click to hear

Native to Italy, it is often green and occasionally white or purple; it is chosen primarily for its flower buds but the stem and leaves are also eaten.