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stalk vegetables [1]click to hear

Edible plants whose stems are consumed like vegetables; the leaves of some varieties are also edible.
stalk vegetables [1] celery head branch bamboo shoot fennel stalk bulb fiddlehead fern asparagus tip bundle spear

celery click to hear

One of the best-known and most popular stalk vegetables, it is often served raw with dips; the leaves and seeds are used to season a variety of dishes.

head click to hear

Group of leafy branches joined at the base; the branches easily break off from the base and can then be cut to the desired length.

branch click to hear

Fleshy grooved stem with leaf-bearing offshoots; the main edible part of the celery is eaten raw or cooked.

bamboo shoot click to hear

Very popular in Asia, this plant can only be eaten once cooked; it is an essential ingredient in sukiyaki, a typical Japanese dish.

fennel click to hear

Mainly associated with Italian cooking; the bulb is eaten as a vegetable while the leaves and seeds are used to season a variety of dishes.

stalk click to hear

Part of the fennel growing out of the bulb and bearing small feathery dark-green leaves; it is traditionally used to flavor fish dishes.

bulb click to hear

Fleshy edible part of the fennel, composed of the overlapping enlarged parts at the base of the stems.

fiddlehead fern click to hear

When coiled, this young shoot is ready to eat; it is especially popular in salads, pasta dishes and omelettes.

asparagus click to hear

Often thought of as a luxury, it is picked before fully ripe; whether served hot or cold, it is always cooked.

tip click to hear

Top end of the spear; the most valued part of the asparagus for cooking.

bundle click to hear

A number of asparagus spears tied together; asparagus is usually sold in this way.

spear click to hear

Young asparagus shoot that constitutes the plant’s edible part and grows out of an underground stem; its hard end is usually removed before cooking.