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glassware [1]click to hear

Drinking receptacles; some are used to measure volume for cooking.
glassware [1] Alsace glass burgundy glass bordeaux glass white wine glass liqueur glass brandy snifter port glass

Alsace glass click to hear

Glass with a long stem, usually green, used to serve Alsatian white wines.

burgundy glass click to hear

Stemmed glass whose wide mouth ensures maximum oxygenation of the wine; it is used mainly for Burgundies.

bordeaux glass click to hear

Tulip-shaped stemmed glass, mainly used for Bordeaux; tapering slightly at the top, it concentrates the aroma.

white wine glass click to hear

Somewhat narrow stemmed glass usually used for white wines.

liqueur glass click to hear

Very small stemmed glass used for drinking liqueurs with a high alcohol content.

brandy snifter click to hear

Short-stemmed glass whose pear shape allows the cognac to warm up, and whose narrow lip concentrates the aroma.

port glass click to hear

Small rounded stemmed glass used to serve port and dessert wines.