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glassware [2]click to hear

Drinking receptacles; some are used to measure volume for cooking.
glassware [2] beer mug champagne flute small decanter sparkling wine glass decanter water goblet cocktail glass highball glass old-fashioned glass

beer mug click to hear

Large cylindrical vessel with a handle used to serve beer; it is usually made of thick glass, ceramic or stoneware.

champagne flute click to hear

Tall and very thin stemmed glass used for champagne and sparkling wines; because the air bubbles break more slowly, the wine retains its effervescence longer.

small decanter click to hear

Small carafe used in restaurants to serve wine.

sparkling wine glass click to hear

Stemmed glass, wider than it is tall, used to serve champagne and sparkling wines.

decanter click to hear

Glass or crystal carafe with a wide base and a narrow neck used to serve water or wine.

water goblet click to hear

Large stemmed glass used to serve water at the table; taller and wider than wine glasses.

cocktail glass click to hear

Conical stemmed glass used to serve certain cocktails; before serving, the rim of the glass can be frosted or decorated with fruit.

highball glass click to hear

Tall narrow straight glass used for serving liquor such as gin, often over ice or sometimes mixed with water, soda, etc.

old-fashioned glass click to hear

Wide short straight glass with a thick bottom primarily used for serving whiskey.