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slow-burning stoveclick to hear

Closed heating device; the amount of air entering the fire box is controlled to slow down combustion.
slow-burning stove warm-air baffle hot-air outlet box air inlet control fire box firebrick handle loading door smoke baffle chimney connection

warm-air baffle click to hear

Device forcing heated air to the front of the stove.

hot-air outlet click to hear

Vents in the side of the box through which heated air is returned to the room.

box click to hear

Rigid metal casing of the stove.

air inlet control click to hear

Handle controlling the mechanism for regulating the amount of air entering the fire box.

fire box click to hear

Area of the stove in which the wood is burned.

firebrick click to hear

Brick that can withstand very high temperatures without deforming.

handle click to hear

loading door click to hear

Airtight glass door sealing the fire box.

smoke baffle click to hear

Device directing the smoke toward the chimney connection.

chimney connection click to hear

Pipe connecting the stove to the chimney or to another stovepipe to evacuate the smoke.