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sagittal sectionclick to hear

Front-to-back vertical section on the median line of the body.
sagittal section fallopian tube ovary pouch of Douglas cervix of uterus rectum vagina buttock anus thigh labia majora labia minora urethra clitoris symphysis pubis mons pubis urinary bladder uterovesical pouch uterus abdominal cavity peritoneum

fallopian tube click to hear

Canal through which the egg travels from the ovary to the uterus. Fertilization of the egg by the spermatozoon normally takes place in the upper section of the tube.

ovary click to hear

Female genital gland that produces eggs and the sex hormones estrogen and progesterone.

pouch of Douglas click to hear

Small pouch formed by the fold of the peritoneum between the rectum and the uterus.

cervix of uterus click to hear

Lower narrow section of the uterus through which it connects with the vagina.

rectum click to hear

Terminal section of the large intestine preceding the anus.

vagina click to hear

Muscular canal located between the neck of the uterus and the vulva enabling copulation.

buttock click to hear

Fleshy part consisting mostly of muscles located at the base of the back.

anus click to hear

Terminal orifice of the digestive tract enabling ejection of fecal matter.

thigh click to hear

Section of the leg between the hip and the knee; it contains many powerful muscles.

labia majora click to hear

Thick cutaneous hairy folds of the vulva protecting the vaginal orifice.

labia minora click to hear

Mucous folds of the vulva located between the labia majora.

urethra click to hear

Membranous canal enabling evacuation of urine from the bladder.

clitoris click to hear

Small erectile organ at the anterior section of the vulva constituting a major erogenous zone.

symphysis pubis click to hear

Slightly movable fibrocartilaginous joint connecting the two pubes (anterior part of the two iliac bones).

mons pubis click to hear

Middle protuberance of the pubis made of adipose tissues and covered with hair at puberty.

urinary bladder click to hear

Muscular reservoir where urine from the kidneys collects before being evacuated through the urethra.

uterovesical pouch click to hear

Small pouch formed by the fold of the peritoneum between the uterus and the bladder.

uterus click to hear

Hollow muscular organ receiving the egg and, once fertilized, enabling its development and expulsion at the end of pregnancy.

abdominal cavity click to hear

Lower portion of the trunk containing the majority of the organs of the digestive, urinary and genital systems.

peritoneum click to hear

Resistant membrane covering the internal walls and organs of the abdominal cavity and maintaining its shape.