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spermatozoonclick to hear

Mature and mobile reproductive male cell produced by the testicle; the main constituent of the sperm used to fertilize an egg.
spermatozoon head middle piece neck end piece tail

head click to hear

Anterior section of the spermatozoon formed of a nucleus (organelle containing genetic information) and the acrosome (structure aiding in penetration of the egg).

middle piece click to hear

Part surrounding the base of the tail where the mitochondria, small organelles that supply the energy needed for the spermatozoon to move, concentrate.

neck click to hear

Narrow part connecting the head to the intermediary section; it contains the centrioles, structures that aid in cell division.

end piece click to hear

Terminal end of the spermatozoon’s tail.

tail click to hear

Filament whose oscillations enable the movement of the spermatozoon.