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central nervous system [2]click to hear

Part of the nervous system connected to the peripheral nervous system formed by the brain and the spinal cord; it controls and deciphers nerve information.
central nervous system [2] cerebrum cerebellum dura mater spinal column filum terminale internal filum terminale spinal cord

cerebrum click to hear

Large part of the brain formed of two hemispheres; it contains the control center of the higher nerve functions (motor activities, language and others).

cerebellum click to hear

Part of the brain that mainly controls motor coordination, equilibrium, muscle tone and posture.

dura mater click to hear

Thick and resistant outer meninx fusing with the tissue covering the spinal nerves; it does not adhere directly to the bony vertebral wall.

spinal column click to hear

Movable bony axis made up of various parts articulating with each other (vertebrae); it supports the skeleton and contains the spinal cord.

filum terminale click to hear

Thin fibrous cord that is a continuation of the spinal cord between the second lumbar vertebra and the coccyx.

internal filum terminale click to hear

Terminal part of the dura mater extending to the second sacral vertebra.

spinal cord click to hear

Part of the central nervous system located in the spinal column; it receives and transmits nerve information and releases the reflexes.