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human dentureclick to hear

The set of teeth placed symmetrically at the edge of the two maxillae; each maxilla has four incisors, two canines, four premolars and six molars.
human denture premolars molars second molar wisdom tooth canine central incisor first molar second premolar first premolar lateral incisor incisors

premolars click to hear

Each of four teeth between the canines and the molars; they have one or two roots and are used to grind food.

molars click to hear

Each of six large teeth of the posterior section of the maxilla; it has several roots and is used to grind food.

wisdom tooth click to hear

Third molar, which appears about the age of 20 and occasionally must be extracted (if it is poorly positioned); each maxilla has two.

canine click to hear

Pointy tooth between the incisors and the premolars having only one root and used to tear apart food; each maxilla has two.

central incisor click to hear

Each of the two incisors in the middle section of the maxilla.

second premolar click to hear

first premolar click to hear

lateral incisor click to hear

Each of the two incisors of the maxilla located between the central incisors and the canines.

incisors click to hear

Each of the four flat cutting teeth of the anterior part of the maxilla having just one root; they are used to cut up food.