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Each of the five terminal parts of the hand containing numerous Meissner’s corpuscles, giving them great sensitivity.
finger lunula body of nail free margin nail bed digital pulp nail matrix middle phalanx distal phalanx dermis epidermis root of nail

lunula click to hear

Whitish section between the root and the body of the nail corresponding to the visible front portion of the matrix.

body of nail click to hear

Central pinkish section of the nail adhering to the nail bed.

free margin click to hear

Whitish terminal part of the nail extending beyond the finger.

nail bed click to hear

Portion of the finger upon which the nail sits containing numerous blood vessels, thus nourishing the nail.

digital pulp click to hear

Fleshy terminal part of the inner finger.

nail matrix click to hear

Section of the epidermis from which the nail grows.

middle phalanx click to hear

Second phalange of the finger between the proximal and distal phalanges.

distal phalanx click to hear

Last phalange of the finger bearing a nail.

dermis click to hear

Layer of skin enclosing tactile receptors ensuring nutrition and support of the epidermis.

epidermis click to hear

Surface layer of the skin covering and protecting the dermis; it contains proteins that make the skin impermeable and block ultraviolet rays.

root of nail click to hear

Base of the nail implanted in the matrix and protected by a fold of skin (cuticle).