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section of a bulbclick to hear

Bulb: underground structure of certain plants where nutrients are stored; it ensures seasonal regrowth of the aboveground part of the plant.
section of a bulb bulbet underground stem fleshy leaf root base bud scale leaf

bulbet click to hear

A secondary bulb that develops from a bud growing out of the side of the main bulb; it can break away and grow into a new plant.

underground stem click to hear

Main part of the bulb extending from the base to the bud and protected by fleshy leaves.

fleshy leaf click to hear

Nutrient-rich leaf underneath the scale leaf.

root click to hear

Underground structure that anchors the plant to the soil and enables the plant to absorb water and mineral salts.

base click to hear

Round part located at the bulb’s base from which the stem, roots and fleshy leaves grow.

bud click to hear

Small plantlike structure constituting a collection of immature organs that will develop once it opens.

scale leaf click to hear

Bulb’s external casing; it is made of layered papery leaves.