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photosynthesisclick to hear

Phenomenon by which the plant, helped by solar energy, obtains its food (glucose) from the air and the soil and releases oxygen into the atmosphere.
photosynthesis solar energy stem absorption of water and mineral salts carbon dioxide absorption glucose release of oxygen leaf

solar energy click to hear

Energy derived from sunlight and absorbed through the chlorophyll, the green pigment found in plant leaves.

stem click to hear

Main part of the plant, extending from the soil to the terminal bud.

absorption of water and mineral salts click to hear

Water and mineral salts are absorbed through the roots and carried up to the leaves by the stem and its offshoots.

carbon dioxide absorption click to hear

The carbon dioxide in the atmosphere required for photosynthesis is absorbed by the leaf.

glucose click to hear

Organic food produced through photosynthesis and used by the plant to ensure growth; it is transported throughout the plant by the sap.

release of oxygen click to hear

The process of photosynthesis releases oxygen, a gas essential to life.

leaf click to hear

Part of the plant where photosynthesis takes place; it also helps oxygenate the ambient air and reduce carbon dioxide.