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grandfather clockclick to hear

Clock with a pendulum that is operated by weights and housed in a tall (usually over 2 m high) straight body, which stands upright on the floor.
grandfather clock dial hour hand body pediment minute hand plinth chain pendulum weight Moon dial

dial click to hear

Graduated face over which the hands move to indicate the time.

hour hand click to hear

Metal needle that points at the 24 hours of a day on the dial.

body click to hear

Usually wooden box that houses and protects the clock’s mechanism.

pediment click to hear

Set of decorative moldings that surmount the clock.

minute hand click to hear

Metal needle that points at the 60 minutes of an hour on the dial.

plinth click to hear

Base that supports the clock and makes it stable.

chain click to hear

Series of interlaced rings to which weights are attached.

pendulum click to hear

Unit whose regular swinging motion controls the workings of the clock’s mechanism.

weight click to hear

Heavy body that hangs from the main wheel; its descent provides the necessary energy for the clock’s mechanism.

Moon dial click to hear

Face divided into 29 1/2 days that is represented by a moon whose movement indicates the phases of the Moon: first quarter, full moon, last quarter, new moon.