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weight-driven clock mechanismclick to hear

This clock is operated by weights that, under gravity, drive the hands of the clock in their rotational movement by means of a gear train.
weight-driven clock mechanism drum weight ratchet wheel main wheel pendulum bob click pendulum rod center wheel fork pinion suspension spring pallet winding mechanism hour hand minute hand third wheel spindle escape wheel

drum click to hear

Cylinder around which the weights’ cord or chain winds when the clock is rewound.

weight click to hear

Heavy body that hangs from the main wheel; its descent provides the necessary energy for the clock’s mechanism.

ratchet wheel click to hear

Toothed wheel having only one direction of rotation; it is kept in place by the click.

main wheel click to hear

First wheel in the gear train that transmits the driving force of the weights to the other wheels to turn them.

pendulum bob click to hear

Weight attached to the end of the pendulum rod.

click click to hear

Small lever that is engaged between the ratchet-wheel teeth and prevents it from rotating counter to its normal direction.

pendulum rod click to hear

Rigid bar to which the pendulum bob is attached.

center wheel click to hear

Wheel that is connected to the hands and causes them to rotate on the dial.

fork click to hear

Part that is operated by the escape wheel to cause the pendulum’s movement.

pinion click to hear

Small wheel with teeth that is mounted on a shaft and transmits the rotational movement of one wheel to another.

suspension spring click to hear

Small rigid plate from which the pendulum hangs.

pallet click to hear

Anchor-shaped part that frees and constrains the escape wheel’s teeth to maintain the pendulum’s back-and-forth movement.

winding mechanism click to hear

Device that raises the weights to start anew the cycle of the clock’s mechanism.

hour hand click to hear

Metal needle that points at the 24 hours of a day on the dial.

minute hand click to hear

Metal needle that points at the 60 minutes of an hour on the dial.

third wheel click to hear

Wheel that receives energy from the center wheel and drives the escape wheel.

spindle click to hear

Cylindrical part that transfers the rotational movement of one part to another.

escape wheel click to hear

Last wheel of the gear train with special teeth that causes the clock to operate regularly and continuously and controls the movement of the other wheels.