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cross section of a streetclick to hear

Depiction of a network of cables and piping systems buried beneath a roadway.
cross section of a street main sewer gas main sidewalk manhole fire hydrant storm drain barrier sewer water main service main electricity cable telephone cable bus shelter bus stop pedestrian crossing traffic light curb median strip roadway street light

main sewer click to hear

Large-diameter pipe that collects wastewater and sewer runoff and conveys them to a treatment plant.

gas main click to hear

Pipe that conveys gas to buildings and houses.

sidewalk click to hear

Pedestrian walkway bordering a street.

manhole click to hear

Hole with a removable cover for accessing the water mains.

fire hydrant click to hear

A pipe connected to a water main; firefighters attach their hoses to it to supply their trucks.

storm drain click to hear

Conduit connecting a building’s downspout to the sewer.

barrier click to hear

Movable fence placed across the roadway, sidewalk or elsewhere to redirect traffic.

sewer click to hear

Pipe that collects wastewater and runoff and conveys them to the main sewer.

water main click to hear

Pipe that conveys drinking water to buildings and residences.

service main click to hear

Extremely high-flow pipe linked to smaller distribution pipes with far smaller volumes of flow.

electricity cable click to hear

Cable linking an electrical power station to its users.

telephone cable click to hear

Cable linking a telephone exchange to its users.

bus shelter click to hear

Covered shelter for public transit users.

bus stop click to hear

Area where buses stop to let passengers on and off.

pedestrian crossing click to hear

Lane that is reserved for pedestrian traffic as indicated by stripes painted on the roadway at intersections.

traffic light click to hear

Automated lighting device that controls traffic at some intersections.

curb click to hear

Masonry construction bordering the roadway and built above it to control water flow.

median strip click to hear

A strip separating traffic lanes that go in opposite directions; also called a center divider.

roadway click to hear

Surface upon which vehicles drive.

street light click to hear

Automated device used to illuminate a public thoroughfare.