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automatic rifleclick to hear

Portable assault rifle that fires cartridges; in automatic weapons such as submachine guns and light machine guns, the cartridges are fed by a magazine or a belt.
automatic rifle flash hider handguard magazine safety trigger butt pistol grip charging handle bolt assist mechanism rear sight barrel front sight housing barrel jacket ejection port receiver

flash hider click to hear

Muzzle attachment designed to cool the gases and reduce muzzle flash.

handguard click to hear

Piece that protects the shooter’s hand from the heat of the barrel.

magazine click to hear

Part containing the cartridges, which are automatically fed into the gun barrel.

safety click to hear

Catch that blocks the trigger to prevent the weapon from firing by accident.

trigger click to hear

Device that is pressed to fire the weapon.

butt click to hear

Back part of the weapon that is held against the shoulder.

pistol grip click to hear

Part for holding and aiming the weapon; its shape is similar to that of a pistol butt.

charging handle click to hear

Device used to cock the weapon.

bolt assist mechanism click to hear

Mechanism for choosing between automatic fire (center position) or single shot (down position).

rear sight click to hear

Articulated graduated aiming device attached to the back of the barrel; the rear sight is lined up with the front sight when aiming.

barrel click to hear

Tubular part that guides the trajectory of the projectile.

front sight housing click to hear

Device that protects the front sight from impact.

barrel jacket click to hear

Perforated or water-filled metal tube around the barrel; during firing, the tube fills with water to cool down the barrel.

ejection port click to hear

Hole from which the empty shell casings are ejected.

receiver click to hear

Metal casing around the weapon’s firing mechanism.