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conning towerclick to hear

The submarine’s superstructure, from which the periscopes and antennas emerge.
conning tower computer room multipurpose antenna radar antenna attack periscope radio antenna navigation periscope operation control room dining room kitchen officers’ quarters

computer room click to hear

Room in which radar, sonar and other data transmitted to the submarine are processed.

multipurpose antenna click to hear

Device that transmits and receives radio waves on an extremely broad range of frequencies.

radar antenna click to hear

Antenna designed to detect objects by emitting radio waves and capturing the echo they reflect.

attack periscope click to hear

Device used to examine the surface of the water; its discreet head allows the submarine to approach an enemy without being noticed.

radio antenna click to hear

Metal conductor transmitting and receiving radio waves for communications.

operation control room click to hear

Room in which submarine combat operations and navigation maneuvers are coordinated.

dining room click to hear

Hall for eating meals.

kitchen click to hear

Room where meals are prepared.

officers’ quarters click to hear

Room where officers rest at night or between shifts.