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sky divingclick to hear

Sport that consists of jumping out of an airplane, falling freely for a certain period while performing various maneuvers and then opening a parachute.
sky diving reserve parachute boot one-piece coverall main parachute goggles helmet harness altimeter

reserve parachute click to hear

Extra parachute used in the event the main one malfunctions; an automatic activation device deploys it when a predetermined safe altitude is reached.

boot click to hear

Reinforced shoe used for sky diving that provides good ankle support for the landing.

one-piece coverall click to hear

Overalls designed to protect the sky diver against cold and reduce the danger of snagging on equipment.

main parachute click to hear

The parachute deployed by the sky diver when in the air; if a problem arises, the reserve parachute can be deployed.

goggles click to hear

Equipment that protects the eyes against cold and wind and provides good visibility during the jump.

helmet click to hear

Hard-shelled piece of equipment that protects the head against impact and the cold.

harness click to hear

Arrangement of straps that connects the sky diver to the suspension lines of the main and reserve canopies; it is stowed in a pack before departure.

altimeter click to hear

Device that indicates the sky diver’s altitude to help with the decision of when to open the parachute.