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diving installationsclick to hear

Equipment (such as springboards, platforms and tower) for diving; during a competition, the divers execute several dives and the points they earn are cumulative.
diving installations water jets referee judges table of results speaker surface of the water 3 m platform 1 m springboard fulcrum 3 m springboard 5 m platform 7.5 m platform 10 m platform diving tower

water jets click to hear

Water forced under pressure across the surface of the water to provide the diver points of reference during a dive.

referee click to hear

Official in charge of enforcing the rules, giving the starting signal and marking the major errors committed during a dive.

judges click to hear

Individuals who evaluate the performances; seven judges (nine for synchronized diving) award a mark out of 10 based on technique and poise.

table of results click to hear

Space reserved for officials in charge of calculating the points (in case of computer problems) and for writing the competition report.

speaker click to hear

Official who presents the competitors, the dives executed (and their degree of difficulty) and the final marks.

surface of the water click to hear

3 m platform click to hear

1 m springboard click to hear

fulcrum click to hear

Device for adjusting the springboard to the springiness required at takeoff.

3 m springboard click to hear

Springboard: structure with a flexible board and a skidproof surface from which dives are performed.

5 m platform click to hear

Platform: fixed rigid board with a skidproof surface from which dives are performed.

7.5 m platform click to hear

10 m platform click to hear

diving tower click to hear

Fixed structure supporting several platforms of various heights; at the Olympic Games, only the 10 m platform is used.