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Player who takes position to hit the ball; the batter grasps the handle of the bat.
batter stirrup sock undershirt spiked shoe pants bat batting glove team shirt batter’s helmet ankle guard

stirrup sock click to hear

Colored sock whose lower extremity is an elastic that passes beneath the foot; it is usually worn over a white sock.

undershirt click to hear

Relatively tight-fitting stretchy garment with short or long sleeves that players wear under the team shirt.

spiked shoe click to hear

Footwear whose sole contains small spikes to provide good traction.

pants click to hear

Flexible stretchy garment covering the lower body from the waist to the shins or ankles.

bat click to hear

Piece of wood that the batter uses to hit the ball; its maximum length is 42 inches.

batting glove click to hear

Piece of leather covering the hand and wrist; it is designed to give the batter a good grip on the bat.

team shirt click to hear

Flexible garment covering the upper body; it features the team emblem and the player’s name and number.

batter’s helmet click to hear

Rigid piece of equipment for protecting the head from the ball’s impact; it has side protection for the ears and temples.

ankle guard click to hear

Piece of equipment made of hard molded plastic that protects the ankle and shin from impact when the ball ricochets off the bat.