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backstopclick to hear

Structure made up of a basket and its support; a team scores each time it puts the ball into the opposing team’s basket.
backstop padded base backboard support padded upright rim net backboard basket

padded base click to hear

Base covered with protective padding; it supports and stabilizes the backstop.

backboard support click to hear

Oblique piece that supports the backboard and the basket.

padded upright click to hear

Vertical piece covered with protective padding; it holds the backboard support.

rim click to hear

Circular orange piece on which the net is mounted; it is 18 in in diameter and 10 ft above floor level.

net click to hear

Flexible netting attached to the rim; it slows the ball when it passes through the basket.

backboard click to hear

Rigid board attached to the back of the basket; it is usually made of transparent material so that spectators behind the basket can follow the action.

basket click to hear

Structure made up of a net mounted on a rim; a basket is worth two or three points, depending on where the shot was taken from.