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playing fieldclick to hear

Rectangular surface covered with natural or synthetic grass on which a soccer match is played; a game has two 45-minute halves.
playing field corner flag corner arc penalty area penalty area marking penalty arc center flag goal penalty spot goal area center circle touch line substitute’s bench halfway line center spot linesman referee

corner flag click to hear

Small post with a flag on top; it marks the intersection of the goal line and the touch line.

corner arc click to hear

Zone where the ball is placed when there is a corner kick, which is awarded when a defender puts the ball behind the goal line.

penalty area click to hear

Zone in which the goalkeeper is allowed to pick up the ball with the hands; an infraction committed against a forward inside this zone results in a penalty kick.

penalty area marking click to hear

The three white lines demarcating the penalty area.

penalty arc click to hear

Zone next to the penalty area; when there is a penalty, players must be positioned outside this zone and the penalty area.

center flag click to hear

Small post with a flag on top that marks the halfway line.

goal click to hear

Cage made up of a net mounted on a frame; a team scores a point each time it succeeds in placing the ball in the opposing goal.

penalty spot click to hear

Point located 12 yd from the goal line; the ball is placed here when a player takes a penalty kick.

goal area click to hear

Zone in which goal kicks are performed.

center circle click to hear

Circle drawn at midfield; during kickoffs, only the players on the team with ball possession are allowed into this circle.

touch line click to hear

Line along the sides of the playing field; when the ball crosses this line, it is put back into play at the same place.

substitute’s bench click to hear

Area reserved for coaches, technical staff and substitute players; a team cannot make more than three substitutions per game.

halfway line click to hear

Line dividing the field into two zones, one for each team; the teams switch zones at halftime.

center spot click to hear

Point in the middle of the halfway line where the ball is placed before a kickoff at the start of a half or after a goal has been scored.

linesman click to hear

Official who signals offsides and penalties not seen by the referee or when the ball is out of play.

referee click to hear

Official responsible for applying the rules; this individual keeps time, signals penalties, issues warnings (yellow card) and ejects players (red card).