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Athlete who practices fencing; this individual wears sturdy gear that provides protection while leaving the fencer free to move with agility.
fencer jacket fencing shoe stocking breeches metallic plastron bib glove sleeve mask

jacket click to hear

Clothing with sleeves that covers the chest and fastens under the breeches.

fencing shoe click to hear

Shoe that is reinforced on the sides to protect it from being worn down by the metal pistes, and reinforced on the heel to dampen impact.

stocking click to hear

Sock covering the leg to just below the knee.

breeches click to hear

Pants that extend below the knees and are usually pulled up very high over the waist and held up by suspenders.

metallic plastron click to hear

Metallic vest that conducts electricity; it is worn over the jacket and detects valid touches from the electric foil or saber.

bib click to hear

Very sturdy fabric that is attached to the mask to protect the neck.

glove click to hear

Padded leather covering that protects the fencer’s armed hand.

sleeve click to hear

Leather sleeve that is sewn to the glove to protect the lower part of the forearm.

mask click to hear

Face-protection apparatus with a plastic visor or metal latticework.