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kendokaclick to hear

Athlete who practices kendo; the kendoka wears protective equipment, the bogu (armor).
kendoka hakama tare do kote shinai men

hakama click to hear

Long skirt for hiding foot movement.

tare click to hear

Thick belt from which five very thick cotton panels hang; it protects the lower abdomen and the hips.

do click to hear

Breastplate that is usually made from bamboo blades covered with leather; it protects the front and sides of the torso.

kote click to hear

Very thick glove that is usually made of cotton and leather; it protects the hand, the wrist and the lower part of the forearm.

shinai click to hear

Saber made up of four bamboo blades that are bound together by pieces of leather; it ends with a cap and is used for training.

men click to hear

Padded helmet with a steel grate that protects the head and face; it also provides protection for the shoulders and throat.