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video entertainment systemclick to hear

Group of units (game console and visual display) that allows a person to control the action in a game displayed on a screen by means of a controller.
video entertainment system directional buttons action buttons joysticks CD/DVD player controller memory card slots controller ports game console reset button eject button visual display

directional buttons click to hear

Buttons that are used to control the movement of objects or characters and enter various commands.

action buttons click to hear

Buttons used to perform various operations (grasp an object, jump, shoot, etc.).

joysticks click to hear

Analog devices that replace the directional buttons.

CD/DVD player click to hear

Device that uses a laser beam to read data written on a compact disc, game disc or DVD.

controller click to hear

Game peripheral with buttons and joysticks that control movement, enter commands and perform operations.

memory card slots click to hear

Point where the memory card (used to save game data) is inserted into the game console.

controller ports click to hear

Point where the controllers are connected to the game console.

game console click to hear

Personal computer used to play video games; it is directed by a controller and plugs directly into the television.

reset button click to hear

Button used to reboot the game console in the event the system freezes.

eject button click to hear

Button that allows a player to retrieve a disc from the game console.

visual display click to hear

Surface on which the images appear.