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Driving surface of various lengths for race cars; the driver completes as many laps as necessary to accumulate 190 mi during a Grand Prix.
circuit starting line track pits pit lane tire barrier curb chicane gravel bed starting grid pole position checkered flag

starting line click to hear

Line that marks the beginning of the race; when the starting signal is given, all the cars must be behind this line.

track click to hear

Closed course of a car race alternating between straight lines and more or less tight curves.

pits click to hear

Spaces reserved for each team where the drivers stop during the race to refuel and change their tires.

pit lane click to hear

Lane that cars take to get to the pits; it has a speed limit.

tire barrier click to hear

Security device for absorbing impact in case of collision or if cars leave the track.

curb click to hear

Concrete structure at the beginning and end of curves; it provides a visual landmark and delimits the track.

chicane click to hear

Succession of small tight curves designed to break up a straight fast portion of a circuit; it forces drivers to slow down.

gravel bed click to hear

Clear space located especially at curves where a car can slow down in case of a skid or spin.

starting grid click to hear

Position of the cars at the start of the race according to the time obtained during qualifications; the grid is made up of two cars per line in staggered formation.

pole position click to hear

First position at the starting grid that is obtained by the driver who earned the best time during the qualification session.

checkered flag click to hear

Black-and-white checkered flag that signals the end of a race or trial session.