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personal watercraftclick to hear

Motorized boat that moves quickly on water (about 65 mph); it is propelled by a turbine that sucks in water in front of it and shoots it out behind.
personal watercraft handlebar mirror hull seat sponson

handlebar click to hear

Device made up of two handles that are manipulated by the operator to steer the boat.

mirror click to hear

Mirror fixed to the hood; it allows the operator to see behind and to the side of the vehicle without turning.

hull click to hear

Watertight part of the structure whose aerodynamic shape provides the boat’s flotation and allows it to glide quickly on water.

seat click to hear

Waterproof seat on which the operator sits; one or two passengers can sit behind the operator.

sponson click to hear

One of the two wings attached to the sides of the hull at the stern; the sponsons make the boat more stable and maneuverable.