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equipment [2]click to hear

Complete range of accessories used in climbing.
equipment [2] chock wire sling seat harness expansion piton piton eye blade tubular ice screw ring

chock click to hear

Metal device that is inserted into a crack in the rock face and held in place by tension; it is extended by a steel cable to which a carabiner can snap on.

wire sling click to hear

seat harness click to hear

Accessory connected to the belay rope that consists of a number of straps to support the climber’s thighs and pelvis.

expansion piton click to hear

Piton that is driven into a hole previously made in the rock.

piton click to hear

Metal spike with a blade that is driven into a crack in the rock face; it ends in an eye to which a belay rope can be attached with a carabiner.

eye click to hear

Hole that is large enough for a carabiner to snap on so that a rope can be attached to the piton.

blade click to hear

Part that is driven into the crack in the rock face.

tubular ice screw click to hear

Threaded metal tube that is screwed into ice or hard-packed snow to help with belaying and advancing.

ring click to hear

Metal loop into which carabiners are inserted.