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camping equipment [4]click to hear

Range of accessories used when camping to store food, cut wood, etc.
camping equipment [4] vacuum bottle stopper bottle cup cooler canteen water carrier

vacuum bottle click to hear

Container with a vacuum between the inner and insulated outer walls; it is designed to maintain its contents at a desired temperature.

stopper click to hear

Part used to close the neck of the bottle.

bottle click to hear

Container used to hold liquids or semisolid foods.

cup click to hear

Cap used as a container to consume liquid or semisolid foods.

cooler click to hear

Thermally insulated chest that is used to keep food cold with ice cubes or blocks of ice.

canteen click to hear

Portable container used to store liquids.

water carrier click to hear

Container with a spigot that is used to store drinking water when camping.