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examples of tents [4]click to hear

Tents: portable waterproof soft-sided shelters that are stretched taut over a frame and temporarily pitched outdoors.
examples of tents [4] pup tent stake stake loop elastic strainer door roof pole inner tent rainfly sewn-in floor

pup tent click to hear

Tent where the canvas is stretched taut on both sides of a summit rod, which is supported by two poles.

stake click to hear

Small post that is driven into the ground to hold the tent in place.

stake loop click to hear

One of the fabric circles attached to the tent’s outer edge; stakes are driven through the loops to anchor the tent to the ground.

elastic strainer click to hear

Elasticized cable used to stretch the canvas taut and anchor it to the ground.

door click to hear

Piece of canvas covering the entrance to the tent.

roof pole click to hear

Long vertical post supporting the top of the tent.

inner tent click to hear

Part of the tent covered by the rainfly.

rainfly click to hear

Piece of waterproof canvas that covers the inner tent; it protects it from rain and provides an extra layer of insulation.

sewn-in floor click to hear

Canvas floor sewn into the bottom of the tent; it protects the interior from ground dampness and runoff.