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examples of pinsclick to hear

Their shapes are specific to each variety of the game.
examples of pins fivepin Canadian duckpin candlepin American duckpin tenpin

fivepin click to hear

Lightweight pin that is about 12 in high and has a rubber band around it; this five-pin game is very popular in Canada.

Canadian duckpin click to hear

Similar to American duckpin, it has a rubber band around it to make it heavier; this 10-pin game is very widespread in Canada.

candlepin click to hear

Cylindrical pin that is about 16 in high; this game with 10 pins is played in some provinces of Canada and states of the United States.

American duckpin click to hear

One of 10 pins that is lightweight and 9.4 in high; the game is played almost exclusively in the United States.

tenpin click to hear

Pin that weighs 3.5 to 3.7 lb and measures 15 in high; this is the most widespread type of bowling in the world.