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Shoulder weapon made up of a long barrel attached to a frame; it uses cartridges loaded with 24 g of lead having a diameter no greater than 2.5 mm.
shotgun trigger guard pistol grip stock forearm trigger ventilated rib barrel muzzle cheek piece cartridges base plastic case

trigger guard click to hear

Metal piece covering and protecting the trigger.

pistol grip click to hear

Narrow part for gripping and handling the weapon.

stock click to hear

Back part of the weapon that is held against the shoulder.

forearm click to hear

Frame made of wood on which the barrel is fitted.

trigger click to hear

Device that is pressed to fire the weapon.

ventilated rib click to hear

Strip with air holes for cooling the barrel of the shotgun.

barrel click to hear

Tubular part that guides the trajectory of the projectile.

muzzle click to hear

Opening through which the projectile leaves the barrel.

cheek piece click to hear

Movable and adjustable part against which the shooter can rest his cheek when shouldering the weapon.

cartridges click to hear

Ammunition consisting of a projectile (ball or lead), an explosive charge (gunpowder) and a primer collected inside a casing.

base click to hear

Metal base of the case that contains the primer.

plastic case click to hear

Cylindrical cover that contains the cartridge’s gunpowder and projectile.