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Enclosed space whose surfaces make up the playing area; it is 40 ft long, 20 ft wide and 20 ft high.
court referee line judge door backcourt floor receiving line center court service line service zone service box service box line short line frontcourt back wall sidewall front wall ceiling

referee click to hear

Official responsible for applying the rules; the referee ensures that the match runs smoothly and rules on contentious points.

line judge click to hear

The two officials who, at the request of the referee or a player, confirm or reverse the referee’s decision.

door click to hear

Glass-covered opening used to access the racquetball court.

backcourt click to hear

Zone between the short line and the back wall.

floor click to hear

Horizontal surface that is usually made of wooden slats; the ball may only bounce once on it.

receiving line click to hear

Line that the receiver stands behind; the receiver may not step over the receiving line until the serve crosses it.

center court click to hear

Part of the court behind the short line and between the sidewalls; it is a strategic zone that players attempt to control.

service line click to hear

Line marking the front of the service zone.

service zone click to hear

Zone where a player stands to serve; the ball must bounce once in this zone before it is served.

service box click to hear

In doubles play, the server’s partner must stay inside this area until the ball crosses the short line.

service box line click to hear

Line drawn 18 in from the sidewall that marks the service box at both ends of the service zone.

short line click to hear

Line dividing the court in half; the serve must cross the short line after bouncing off the front wall.

frontcourt click to hear

Area between the front wall and the short line.

back wall click to hear

Wall marking the back of the court behind the players.

sidewall click to hear

Wall marking the sides of the court.

front wall click to hear

Wall facing the players; the service is made onto it.

ceiling click to hear

Horizontal surface making up the upper part of the court; the ceiling is part of the playing area.